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Saturday's 7pm-10pm
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    Liquid Sound Lounge NYC DJ Jeannie Hopper - broadcast WBAI 99.5fm July 13, 2013 7-10pm by Jeannie Hopper on Mixcloud

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    Jeannie Hopper Soundcloud - DJ Sets!!
    LSL Jeannie Hopper Dance Set 121011 by Jeannie Hopper

    Clocktower Radio Station Operating at
    Jeannie Hopper channel "In the Hopper"!
    Continually streaming set after set of over 20 hours of hopper musical bliss!
    LISTEN :: DJ Jeannie Hopper's "In the Hopper"

    Jeannie Hopper's "DJ Culture"
    -DJ's and industry heads talk about the scene, give technical insight and share music. Plus loads of guest DJ sets curated by Jeannie Hopper:
    LISTEN :: Jeannie Hopper's DJ Culture Radio Show
    -Includes interviews with: Tony Humphries, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Bonobo, Nickodemus, Kraak & Smaak, Kieren Hebden aka Four Tet, Jen Lyon of Meanred, Scott Hardkiss, Ben Watt, Earthman, Eli Wolf of Blue Note+more.

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    Her style has been described as "Soul infused grooves of all persuassions."-Muzik. Her unique multi-layered sound is best described as a journey that'll move and groove you and leave you wanting more! Upbeat and happy, not dark, her music is for those who love to be turned on to new music. She's dedicated to spinning independent unknown artists from a tapestry of genre's creating a priceless aural experience. She works in many scenes with fellow dj friends from the groovy to funky too super big room peak hour house! BRIT's say she plays 'proper house' and 'nice to see a woman spin who's doesn't need to exploit her sex appeal but rather uses her never ending fountain of talent.' DAVID MORALES (Def Mix) after dancing to her set in Athens, Greece commented "it's a breath of fresh air to hear someone truly spin from there heart creating an original uplifting environmnet." NICKY SIANO (Gallery & Inspira Records) after hearing the mixes he received from her for donating to her radio show said "me and my boyfriend dance and dance all over the apartment. The mixes are so uplifting. I even grabbed a couple of the tunes of the mix set for my own dj sets."

    CLUB DJ (18+ years)
    INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN FOR: 13 1/2 hour DJ set on the terrace with Danny Tenaglia at Space in Miami for Winter Music Conference 2001.
    SHE'S BEEN INVITED TO SPIN WITH: Danny Tenaglia, Little Louie Vega, Francois K, Tony Humphries, Danny Krivit, David Morales, Todd Terry, Liquid Todd+more. -New York City -local lounges and dance clubs & parties including Cielo, Pacha, Spirit, Love, Canal Room, Roxy, Splash Bar, Nublu, Bar 13, Sullivan Room, Nickodemus & Mariano's Turntables on the Hudson, Francois K's Deep Space, Danny Krivit's 718 Sessions, Timmy Regisford's Shelter, Kervyn Mark's Melting Pot, True's Alma, Centro-fly, Tunnel, Save the Robots +more.
    -London Residency: Bridge and Tunnel 2002-2005
    -London - V-Festival, Fabric, Indulge, Xpress, Whistle Bump+more
    -International touring DJ -Ibiza@Space; Portugal, Spain, Sweeden, Norway, Greece, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, France, U.K.

    LIQUID SOUND LOUNGE BOAT CRUISE DANCE PARTY!!! The first and longest running boat dance party in both summer and fall in New York City! Check the listings on this site for more.
    Google Jeannie Hopper and track it all...

    RADIO - NYC and guest dj spots around the world (20 years)
    -Radio Show: Liquid Sound Lounge est. 1993. New York City's only & longetst running prime-time electronic/dance music show dedicated to independent artists, dj's, remixers, producers, labels and conscientious artists, broadcasting Saturday's 7-9:30pm on WBAI 99.5fm (50,000 watt, covering the entire tri-state area, non-commercial station), streaming online and archived. Audience roughly 300,000.
    -Live Host
    -Voice Overs
    -Engineer F.C.C. licensed
    -Disc Jockey

    Since 2009, ART RADIO, went independent of PS1/MoMA. The station carries on at the hisotric Clocktower Gallery in Tribeca. You can still enjoy a free stream of programs updated weekly with fresh content featuring music, interviews, and historic audio. Listen as culture is captured aurally to enjoy, to learn, to inspire! Jeannie Hopper continues to curate loads of music shows including her own "In the Hopper" music channel and interviews for her series DJ Culture. Best to put her name in the search engine to find all the many shows she's hosted, produced and musically assembled!

    SUMMER SESSIONS - SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE'S COOPER HEWITT NATIONAL DESIGN MUSEUM: She's the first 'DJ Curator / DJ Services' for the Smithsonian Institute summer 2007 and in the US governments listing of vendors. She's selected the line up for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum's SUMMER SESSIONS! She's spun at the series for 3 years. Due to construction budgetary issues, the series is on hold.
    MoMA SUMMER CELEBRATION 2005-2006 SEASONS- Jeannie curated the bands and dj's for this grand funfilled series bringing art class to the masses where you interact with various artists who make you the artists thru their interactive activities throughout the PS1 courtyard where this takes place. 2006 the awesome live line up included the bands/groups MUDVILLE performed with TARA the contortionist, Mangatten Samba and Sufferin' Succotash.

    She created the first online radio station for the prestigious contemporary art center, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, a MoMA affiliate, bringing Alanna Heiss's, founder and director, dream of a radio station dedicated to the arts, to life. Heiss is also credited for embracing DJ culture and music by brining it into the art center including the first summer music series by a art center, PS1 WARM UP. Jeannie's the DJ curator for WPS1 DJ Sessions where you'll also find sets by Jeannie and more; and she produces various shows including her on-going series DJ Culture, featuring in depth interviews and insight into the indie dj world; and her eclectic show Liquid Love; plus you'll find many interviews with various artists from all over the world found in their on=going live coverage of art fairs and expos including Art Basel Miami Beach, Armory Art Fair NYC, and Venice Biennale, Venice Italy.

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    Thursday, February 20th, 7pm-10pm
    The Getdown

    Dance like there's no tomorrow, get up early the next day.
    :: Music by Jeannie Hopper, Natasha Blank, Sascha Lewis and a special guest DJ
    Big sound, the best crowd EVER, and serious music to move ya: because we love the way 2am at an amazing club feels, but we also like daylight.
    Dress to sweat.
    No phones on the dance floor.
    Bring a cowbell
    Use your voice
    Bring a friend
    Make one there
    Dance harder than you have in years
    Wear something that makes you happy
    Leave the chocolate at home (it's free at the bar)
    :: Dance floor haiku by The Haiku Guys (Poetry At Parties)
    ::Musical massage by the minute with Tim Grae
    :: Hosted by the Sister of Sparkle herself, Michelle Joni
    :: Live performance TBA courtesy of BEAT NYC
    :: Special screening of #TEAMNOREGRETS feat Muffinhead Daehniffum + a bunch of your awesome friends
    :: Full bar supplemented by Tumeric- The Elixir of Life + Divine Chocolate USA
    :: 8,000 tons of love
    :: The best time ever
    @Cielo Club- 18 Little West 12th Street, between 9th avenue & Washingtion. Entry is now $5 w/ RSVP before 8pm here:
    $10 after 8pm

    February 23, 2014
    Classic Album Sundays
    Guest Presenter: Jeannie Hopper from WBAIıs Liquid Sound Lounge
    Presenting Herbie Hancock's "Headhunters"

    ŒHead Huntersı. The record seemed to mark yet another direction for the pianist and composer who had developed his sound under the tutelage of Miles Davis who had recognized Hancockıs prodigious talent early on, enlisting him into his Second Great Quintet. After exploring the avant-garde with his own outfit and recording the trio of 'Mwandishi' albums, Hancock wanted to ground his music, returning back to Earth after his stratospheric ventures. It has also been said that he was underwhelmed by the response by both fans and critics and the financial situation was possibly an additional incentive to pursue another music direction. There were also new musical inspirations that compelled his artistic desire to try something different. The R&B-inflected rock of Sly and the Family Stone, James Brownıs live improvisations and Stevie Wonderıs cross-over future funk were certainly seeding ideas in Hancockıs psyche.

    Join us to first listen to music that either inspired or was relevant to this LP such as Miles Davis and Donald Byrd, followed by the story and contemporary relevance of the album. Then the lights go down, the volume goes up and we play the album from beginning to end on vinyl on our audiophile hi-fi. Listening guidelines apply.

    Audio Menu: Rega Apheta MC Cartridge, Rega P9 Turntable, Moon 310 LP, Phono Preamp, Moon P7 Line Preamp, Cardas balanced cabling, MC2 Power Amplification, Funktion-One Loudspeakers

    5p-8p. $10.
    @The Panther Room at Output, 74 Wythe Avenue (entrance on North 12th), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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    PHOTOS Photo's are up from The LSL Fall Equinox Boat Cruise. For more photos go to photos


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    For the entire LSL Recordings catalogue go to recordings.

    Liquid Sound Lounge 


    Liquid Sound Lounge soon to be available for digital download.
    YOU CAN ALSO SPECIAL ORDER THRU DISC-O-RAMA IN NYC. West 3rd street between 7th & 6th avenues or Dance Tracks East 3rd street between 1st & 2nd avenues or Halcyon in Brooklyn's DUMBO area under the Manhatten Bridge overpass near Pearl street.

    The LSL label is rockin' releases once again. Rozz Nash's vocals are on point with this jazzy R&B tune that is simple and to the point 'there's more to love than saying I love you.' The original features Rozz's live band. There's the 'broken contra-bass mix' by Tony Edwards and a remix by Victor Simonelli takin' you on a serious dance journey that had all at Club Shelter cheering. The single is only available at Dance Tracks and Halcyon in New York as a 'white label' limited edition promo with a commercial release this fall. There's a follow up with remixes by Jon Cutler, KLASH, and Bell-Hop to be released first thing in 2004.

    with Jeff Sharel, Cinematic Orchestra, Rogall, and Biggabush.
    LSL released a 4-cut album sampler on vinyl of the Shanachie Records CD full-length release "The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble". The vinyl sampler features Tony Allen's afro-beats produced into original cuts by: Jeff Sharel, Cinematic Orchestra, Rogall, and Biggabush. Tony Allen and the Comet crew came to her set in Belgraad at the enormous Exit Festival where she spun to 20,000+ crowd with the Nuphonic crew: Faze Action, Block 16 and Jools.

    Don't forget Louie BALO's latest release featuring Jeannie's wordology, entitled "Telepathy"! It got a little buried in the post 911 vinyl release trauma. Someone out there,however, has worked the vocals onto there own record release..hmmm... Who might that be? If you know, let us know. We love to track the acapella action which seems to be keepin' this number in dj's crates. If you've done a mix, send it to us. We'd love to hear it. We are currently working on new mixes for "Telepathy" and will re-release the original along with the new mixes. It's meant to be gritty and chunky and also has loads of live instrumentation going on in it including the stupendous organ solo by Robert Aarons of Wyclef Jean and the ole eightball days.

    NRK Records, June 2002, re-released this gem featuring new mixes from Pete Heller. It's on so many decks still workin' the crowds since it's original LSL release back in May 2001. You can also find "Guiding Light" on two CD compilations -- one mixed by DJ Garth on NRK records - UK, and the other mixed by Grammy award winners DEEP DISH MOSCOW compilation for the GLOBAL UNDERGROUND series.

    EMO "So Fine" and "Push On" featuring remixes by Les Gammas and Zeb. Listen to all four mixes at[more]
    updated 06.20.07

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