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DJ Jeannie Hopper created Liquid Sound Lounge Promotions and Marketing to help record companies in exposing and strengthening their new artists. Her weekly radio show, established in 1993, is a part of the grassroots community dedicated to alternative sounds. Heard in New York
Jamiroquai Platinum Plaque
Jamiroquai "Travelling Without Moving" Platinum Plaque awarded to LSL
City on WBAI 99.5fm, it gives artists local exposure, while our website offers global exposure. Our circle of like minded DJ's around the world spin in clubs, lounges, boutiques, on the radio and online. These newly emerging scenes are often not reflected in traditional tracking systems and major record labels are often not aware of them. They usually stick to traditional pool servicing and charts, overlooking this great opportunity.


  • Stephen Simmonds
  • Astronauts of Antiquity, Liquid Sound Lounge recording artist
  • Martha Cinader, Liquid Sound Lounge recording artist
  • Groove Collective, Dance of the Drunken Master and Declassified
  • JamiroquaiTravelling Without Moving
    Platinum Plaque awarded to LSL
  • Shanachie- Groove Collective
  • HipBone Records- Alexis P. Suter, Glen Turner +many more
  • Sylk 130 When the Funk Hits the Fan
  • Esthero, Breath from Another
  • Big Muff- Music From the Aural Exciter
  • Codek Records- Orchard Compilation
  • Adriana Evans, Reality
  • Bassline RecordsTake Home the Club
  • Hooverphonic
  • Finley Quaye, Sunday Shining
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