Liquid Sound Lounge Recordings ~ When The Body Calls, Martha Cinader
"When the Body Calls"

Freedom Sound Remixes
produced by Tony Edwards

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Loft In Paradise mix
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Moovin Mood mix
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"When the Body Calls" is the followup to Martha Cinader's "Living It" singles. "When the Body Calls" is also the name of her new book on Harlem River press featuring fairy stories, prose & poetry. Tony Edwards brought you the groundbreaking compilation series through his Freedom Sound label. He also programmed the beats on the original "Living It" and produced a wicked house mix for Cubic U's "I'll Be Stronger", a project LSL did artist development for in 1996. Cubic U's new album just went double platinum in Japan. Martha Cinader's Po azz Yo azz avante garde jazz band continues to tour throughout europe. Expect a full length album in the new millenium and lots more interpretations by various dj/producers throughout the next year. Free MP3 for your Rio Player of Po'azz Yo'azz at

For upcoming performance dates or go to Martha Cinader's website for more information:


This is a true underground house song with a touch of spoken word. The preferred is the A-2 which opens with snappy percussion and light chords. The bassline is buried nicely into the groove as the sweeping strings drench over your BODY. The drop outs and filtering are done so subtly it's fantastic. The spoken word is just sooo sexy it will make ya sweat. The beauty of this single is that it offers your mind, body, and soul a rare treat. We're talking DEEP SH*T, OK!? 123BPM ***-James Graham

Here's spoken-wordmistress Martha Cinader's follow-up to last year's hugely successful LIVING IT produced this time by Tony Edwards on Jeannie Hopper's Liquid Sound Lounge imprint. WHEN THE BODY CALLS is also the title of Cinader's new book on Harlem River Press featuring fairy stories, prose and poetry. The Lounge side of this disc opens with the Movin Mood mix, a deep, sultry house piece with a very simple crisp srum pattern, phat bassline, subtle synths and key stabs, all riding under Cinader's thought provoking spoken-word ponderings (126bpm). Next, the Loft in Paradise Dub carries on in this deep vein, but with a more organic feel; a sinewy bassline, added percussion, occasional horn blasts and an overall earthier feel give it a more Body & Soul type vibe (124bpm). On the B side the Body to Body Club mix infuses the cut with a bit more energy via some lively disco vocal samples and a much more funky bassline (124bpm). Lastly, the Motional mix gets just a tad tougher via some ominous bass work, but remains just as deep as the A sides due to Cinader's philosophical meanderings. Any way you slice it, this shi*t is deep! ***1/2 -DJ MAGS

Divided between a Lounge and Liquid side that each house a brace of effective and original variations. "When The Body Call" is the latest creation from the always noteworthy LSL family. The follow-up to Cinader‚s equally hip and‚ out there "Living It" the title is also the name to the New York poetesses book of fairytales and prose. And so what you get on this eclectic number is Martha's intoxicating wordology set to a selection of moody, jazzy, but most of all, funky garage backdrops. If you're a fan of Dana Bryant's and Maya Angelou's of this world, chances are you'll enjoy this to. (LEWIS DENE)

If you liked Vanessa Daou's blend of poetry and deep house grooves a few years ago, and maybe more recently things like Mood II Swing's ‘Do It Your Way' then this is probably for you. Cinader is the poet laying down the vocal verse, Tony Edwards the producer with the Mood II Swing style deep vibes with a splash of old school New York grooves over four mixes. Hit the more energetic ‘Body to Body' mix for effective club play. ***PC

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