"Love Divine"
(Jaya Radha Madhava)

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AoA Original
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Liquid Cookin downtempo vocal remix
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Bell-Hop house vocal remix
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Paul's Piano Passage streaming download

Astronauts of Antiquity's "Love Divine (Jaya Radha Madhava)" is an adaptation of an ancient devotional love song written by Bhaktivinode Thakur. AoA's lush 32 tracks of instrumentation take you on a 21st century mystic journey of love between Radha and Krishna. The AoA band includes vocalist India, guitarist & sitar player Brad Weinberg and Bassist Jamal Zuber. India sings and harmonizes in ancient Hindu sanskrit and english. Paul Umbach joins the production team programming the drums and playing the keys to perfection.

The remixes on 'the lounge side' features the Liquid-Cookin' down tempo remix & instrumental (that is admittedly more a dub), by 'yours truely' DJ Jeannie Hopper and Dennis Martin -Cookin' w/Gas Productions & HipBone Records. "Paul Umbach's Piano Passage" is hypnotic sending shivers through your soul with its simplistic beauty and grace. On 'the Liquid Side' 'yours truly' Jeannie Hopper joins forces with the incredible Vicki Bell in the "Bell-Hop" House style remix & instrumental (that is again admittedly more a dub). Brad's live Sitar and Ebow talents and Jamal's live bass and wah wah talents take house music to another level.

AoA and LSL hold a similiar goal, to play music that will inspire, entertain and bring people to a higher spiritual plane. AoA's songs reflect their lifestyles of Vaishnavism, Ancient Hinduism and Sufism.

Now sit back and enjoy the first in a line of many more songs to come from AoA. They will be touring in a city near you soon. Bookmark this page for tour dates and information on further releases.

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