You can hear dj Jeannie Hopper's Liquid Sound Lounge radio show every Saturday in New York City on WBAI 99.5fm, 7-9pm covering the tri-state area +borders of Pennslyvania or listen in the WBAI archives. Note: all shows posted chronologically.

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    MCMDCVIThe Liquid Sound Lounge was born July 18th, 1993 at 3 o'clock in the morning, weighing in at two hours and thirty minutes on WBAI radio in New York City. For you trivia buffs, the show was called "Adventures in the World of House." On that first show Jeannie threw down multiple grooves with wordologist Martha Cinader, in house poet, with musical genius Jay Rodriguez (of Groove Collective) playing saxophone and flute in the mix. Jay also composed the original theme song for the show.


    Some DJs who have appeared on the Radio Show

    • Nickodemus
    • Lenny Fontana
    • Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy
    • DJ Miss Behavior
    • Nicky Siano
    • Francois K
    • Louie Vega
    • Carlos Sanchez
    • Kim Lightfoot
    • Romain
    • Lina Bradford
    • Tedd Patterson
    • Ali Coleman
    • Spun
    • Danny Krivit
    • Jazzy Nice
    DJ Jeannie Hopper
    DJ Jeannie Hopper at WBAI. [more photos]

    Some GUESTS who have appeared on the Radio Show

    • Chaka Khan
    • Roy Ayers
    • Donald Byrd
    • McCoy Tyner
    • Fab Five Freddy
    • Coati Mundi
    • Sarah Jones
    • Saphire
    • Ursula Rucker
    • Latasha Natash Diggs
    • Louie Vega
    • Bluey of Incognito
    • Gilles Peterson
    • Vanessa Daou
    • John Cale
    • Groove Armada
    • Kruder & Dorfmeister
    • Pimps of Joytime
    • Cheb I. Sabbah
    • Mel Cheron
    • Michael Frenti & Mary Harris
    • Dana Bryant
    • Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    • Groove Collective
    • Joi Cardwell
    • DJ Shakey
    • Michael Watford
    • UFO

    Latasha Natash Diggs
    Latasha Natasha Diggs performs on the Liquid Sound Lounge. [more photos]

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