Liquid Sound Lounge ~ Turntables on the Hudson Vol. 1

Nickodemus and Mariano present
Rhythm Love Records'

"Turntables on the Hudson Vol. 1"
Limited Edition Vinyl Samplers
Manufactured and Distributed by Liquid Sound Lounge

Sampler 2 - released February 2000
Astronauts of Antiquity "Same Ground" 5:42
Single Digit Warriors "Sound Waves" 5:31
Pleaser "I Want to Be Loved" 5:25
Zeb "For the Ladies" 7:08

Sampler 1 - released November 1999
Nappy G "INTRO" 2:30
Seven Seas "Circadian Rhythm" 7:01
"Live Interlude" :30
Nickodemus & Jay B "Spoon Song" 3:59
Soul Kid Allstars "Take One" 6:15

Nickodemus & Mariano are proud to present "Turntables on the Hudson Volume 1", Rhythm Love Records 1st release, offering up a journey through funky, jazzy - house - Dub - Worldly - grooves on their newly formed label Rhythm Love. The 15 selections represent the music and talents from the DJ's and labels that helped Turntables on the Hudson become one of New York Cities best underground parties. The party tokes place every summer on the Sun Terrace of Pier 61 overlooking the Hudson River in the Chelsea Piers.

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DMA MAGAZINE, January 2000

For fans of eclectic, mostly downtempo electronic grooves, this is a MUST-HAVE disc. Turntables on the Hudson is a weekly underground party in New York City that saw huge success over the
"I can't recommend it highly enough." -DJ Mags
summer; recent months have seen them morph into Turntables on the Brooklyn Side at a spot underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. All I can say from a thousand miles away is, wish I could be there! Groove Collective MC Nappy G leads off this superb set with a spoken word piece over acoustic percussion that sets it all up. Next up is the midtempo Lee Davis remix of Nickodemus & Jay B's "Spoon Song," featuring Carol C. on vocals; it's a deep swirling, eastern-tinged polyrhythmic tune that clocks in around 112 BPM, licensed from one of my favorite labels, Mush/Dirty Loop Music.

Astronauts of Antiquity offer up the dub-wise "Same Ground" (73 BPM) that Nickodemus & Zeb remix to perfection, aptly called their Slow Mo remix. Neutrino "I Think Both Understood" is a moody 89 BPM trip hopper with a great piano tickle; and jazz-hop fans will appreciate Soul Kid Allstars "Take One," with its melancholy sax ride and polyrhythmic beats. Circadian Rhythm contributes "Seven Seas," a deep midtempo organic percussive groove with a solid 104 BPM thump. Single Digit Warriors "Sound Waves" is possibly my favorite cut on the disc, with its simple midtempo retro-electro type beats, turntable embellishments, and catchy key groove. The beginning of it kinda reminds me of Tom Tom Club's "Genius Of Love," in spirit; there's no melodic singing here, though, only spoken word loops and edits.

A live interlude from one of the summer's TOTH parties serves as a segue to a handful of more uptempo tracks, including DJ Smash's "Dakatari" (122 BPM), Martha Cinader's deep house delight "When The Body Calls" (125 BPM), and Derek Sessions' funky space-guitar-filled "61 Swing" (124 BPM). Pleaser takes it back down a notch with the funky, noisy jazz-beat "I Wanna Be Loved" (108 BPM), and Zeb's "For The Ladies" (105 BPM) is an eastern-flared hypnotic dub groove. By this point on the disc, you'll be cheering along with the "Outro (One More Tune)," and soaking up Pleaser's ten minute "Dream Girl," hoping the disc will never end. Look for a limited edition vinyl sampler from Liquid Sound Lounge at the beginning of the year, but until then, get the CD. I can't recommend it highly enough. 100% -MAGS

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