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Review the playlists and anywhere there is an album noted, we also suggest these as well. The following, however, are featured on the December 15th and 22nd radio shows.
Year End Holidays 2001 releases

1 - Motivation / Frankie Knuckles mixed compilation / Definity - NYC
West End 25th Anniversary / WestEnd Records 25th Anniversary Mastermix by MAW
2 - Audio Message etc. 2 / Continuosly Mixed by DJ Cosmic Rocker aka Sasha / Codek-NYC
3 - Grassroots / Danny Krivit's compilation of musical influences and inspirations / STRUT-UK
4 - Journeys by DJ Ley Lines / Tim Fielding mixed compilation / journeysbydj

TUBA featuring Alexis P. Suter "Plain Folks"
Vinyl Single on HipBone Records/NYC
June 2001 release

TUBA stands for "the underground bowling alley". The group made their debut on the 'acid jazz scene' where they performed for the first time at the first Liquid Sound Lounge party in 1993. A couple vinyl singles followed on the Vinylmania Jazz label out of the shop on Carmine Street, NYC. The shop just down the street from the Paradise Garage where all the heads would go when the club closed to find the latest hot records played by Levan. The spirit of "Plain Folks" encompasses that history with less predictable beats/programming and thought provoking lyrics sung by the one and only Alexis P. Suter ('Slam Me Baby', 'All Night Long' +more). Four flavors to choose from all dripping with live jazz players on this incredibly moving and timeless slab of wax. The perfect marriage between live and programmed instrumentation. Vicki Bell and Ray Grappone's HipBone "mindmender mix" fuse dreamy chill jazzy key's and percussion with muted trumpet played by James Smith. Roy Davis Jr.'s "Soldiers of Universal Love" mix gives a dubby version fused with Darwin Jackson's jazz guitar work that all moves along to a steady 4 beat for those less experienced on the intricacies of dj'ing complex beats. And Filthy Rich gives us a full on house mix with lush strings and live saxaphone soloing by Jay Collins. Dennis Martin returns to HipBone with the "tuba main mix" opening with strings, vibes and melodic keys that takes you into broken beats where featured players Matt Cusick on guitar and Dave Mullins on sax (and I detect a clarinet in there too) play around. As the chorus rings "music can change your'll fix you every time...","Plain Folks" achieves 'modern day classic' status!

DJ Michael Flume "Agolele"
Vinyl Single on 6:AM Records/NYC
May 2001 release

Afro-Brazilian Samba party jam that'll get your party feelin' like a carnival landed in the club straight out of Sao Paulo. On this white label, the first mix on the A-Side is the one gauranteed to make folks scream with live percussion, strings and a very unique vocal chorus chanting 'agolele' throughout. Zeb's guitar work is very 'fela'esque' seeping into the mix as it builds and builds with very effective breakdowns. Also on the A-side you'll find a couple dj tools including a little trippy vocal pass and a short pass with the afro-guitar workin' it out accompanied by a shaker. The B-side gives a booming 4 beat and brings percussion solo's to the fore front to drive this one minimilizing the vocals and guitar. The second mix on the B-side gives you straight beats and vocal chant as if you were hanging out at the Central Park drumming circle on Sunday evenings in New York City near the Bethesda fountain and the old bandshell where crowds gather to the infectious hypnotic improvisational beats. "Agolele" means respect... New mix to come out on "d'afro disco vol. 2" on Codek Records in the near future.

"Organic Grooves 2"

Organic Grooves 2 A fine collection of other worldly grooves exemplifying the mobile party taking place in New York City. Various musicians contribute worldly beats and instrumentation to DJ Sasha's clever electronic samplings. Check out Organic Grooves events and other releases at

"Club Meierei wien Sunshine Club 2"
Various Artists
Sunshine Music/Vienna
This compilation brings together various producers/dj's keeping the deep down delicious world of groove alive including New York talents Nappy G and DJ Chillfreez. There's a host of names that may be unfamiliar to most, however, will fast become familiar to all who delve into this Sunshine Club compilation. The talents have all passed through the Sunshine Club in Vienna where this CD comes from. The tracks mix continually for quite an enjoyable experience whether crusing in your car, chilling in your crib or jammin' to your walkman in the streets, satisfaction is gauranteed.

Organic Grooves feat. Muhamadou Salieu Suso "Sutukung"
Vinyl Single on Codek Records/NYC
May 2001 release

The original "Sutukung" features Gambian native Muhamadou on the 21 stringed Kora or West African Harp and vocals sung in his native tongue. Muhamadou laid down his parts and than entrusted Organic Grooves to compliment it by adding in their percussion, beats, keys and effects. If you've ever been to an Organic Grooves Friday night party you know the players who include Zeb on Guitar, Mike T. and Tamir on Bongo's and Conga's, Gregory's Melodica work and DJ Sasha on the decks somewhat conducting. I say somewhat because after so many years they all go into a zen mode and read each others minds creating a unique mix each week and player's add other instruments into the improvisational mix as well like trumpet and antiquated effects boards. The Dub mix strips the original down adding a effect laden Trumpet and Keys with Gregory's Melodica in the forefront and the percussionists. On the flip side you'll find the "Trading Crossroads Mix" that mix nicely with Ibadan and Spiritual Life releases... So don't sleep on this label because there's so much more to come. Check out Organic Grooves Volume 3 for a full on, full length experience on CD that includes "Sutukung".

Julius Papp "Libido"
Vinyl Single on Estereo/UK
April 2001 release

The acoustic guitar is the analog instrument that Julius Papp does serious damage with on this slab of wax appropriately titled "LIBIDO". Julius's arrangement of Bill Walker's Spanish guitar riffs within this deep house number mesmerizes the crowd every time. You know those moments when the crowd actually looks up at you spinning in awe like "wow, what's that?" There are very effective breakdowns where the guitar takes center stage especially on the 'Sunrise Excursion' and 'Sunset Excursion' mixes. "Libido" is a timeless number that stands on it's own. Bravo to Estereo Records in this follow up to Julius' first release on the label "Rhodes Warrior" that continues to do damage to dance floors since it's release a year ago....a secret weapon in my crates with out a doubt.

Colonel Abrams "Love On the Cutting Edge"
Vinyl Single on Nardi Enterprises/St. Petersburg, FL
April 2001, Limited release to select stores in New York City

The Colonel returns with a catchy new release on a new label that his sister is spear heading based in St. Petersburg, FL. "Love On the Cutting Edge" is not a lush busy number but rather an effective straight forward jam following the 'less is more' formula. The dancer's that truly appreciate this number are those who love the circa 1992 beat that evokes 'runway' and 'strike a pose' dance floor action. The words are straight to the point "Love on the Cutting a knife all up in your back." Literally cutting edge... And the Colonel never sounded better.

"Deeper Side of the Internet"
Various Artists
Deeper Side of the Internet An exploration of musical talents Deep4Life found on the web and felt fit to release as a compilation. Deeper Side of the Internet features a multi-rhythmic mix of electronic music from dub to house to trip hop. The many talents featured include Lars "lb" Behrenroth-Germany, Chris Gray-Chicago, Kali-Germany, Mayo-Italy, Ricardo Dias-Portugal and many more. You'll find that it's a small world after all after enjoying this audio experience.

"Soundtrack for Life"
Soundtrack for Life A:xus's new album is an amazing and refreshing accomplishment in todays saturated electronic music scene. You'll find deep compositions a plenty scooping you up into a soundtrack you'll want to hear over and over again. The opening cut "Baghdad Cafe (callin' you)" is most recognizable having been licensed to various compilation internationally. Guidance lives up to its name in guiding us to excellent musical selections that allow our feet, mind and soul to dance. This is one record label to start collecting without a doubt.

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